Joe Cutler, Ph.D Student

Joe Cutler studies freshwater fishes in Central Africa. Over the past few years, Joe has conducted a number of sampling expeditions in Cameroon and Gabon, and collected thousands of fish specimen representing over 400 species, including at least 12 undescribed species. He uses these data to understand the distribution of freshwater biodiversity in these countries and identify biological hotspots in need of conservation.

In Cameroon, Joe focuses on cataloguing freshwater biodiversity in the volcanic crater lakes and particularly on endemic fishes. He is using this data to develop conservation strategies for the individual lake systems. In Gabon, Joe is partnering with The Nature Conservancy and the Gabonese government, and has been working to create a fish-friendly hydroelectric blue-print that will fit in Gabon's 2020 development plan. Joe am currently a National Geographic Young Explorer, and contractor at The Nature Conservancy.

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