Jessie Beck, PhD Student

Jessie Beck is a PhD student in the Conservation Action Lab in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department, and is co-advised by Dr. Myra Finkelstein. Jessie is also a seabird ecologist and program manager for the non-profit organization Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge.

Jessie’s work focuses on fisheries bycatch and threats to seabird populations. She leads the collaborative NOAA Seabird Bycatch Necropsy Program in the U.S. and investigates seabird fishery interactions in Chile. She is also co-manages the Año Nuevo Seabird Conservation Program in California. Since 2010, Jessie has worked on a wide range of seabird conservation issues including fisheries overlap, California coastal ecology, disease surveillance, and plastic ingestion. Jessie is also passionate about fostering international collaborations for migratory species and mentoring future generations of conservation scientists.

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