Alejandro Acevedo

Post-doc 1998 - 2001: Foraging ecology of Balaenoptera whales.

Professor, Western Washington University

Clare Aslan

Post-doc - shared with Zavaleta Lab: Preventing extinctions on islands by quantifying the prevalence of widowed symbionts and testing the potential for taxon substitutions to replace lost mutualists.

Director, School of Earth & Sustainability
Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University

Deborah Austin

Post-doc 2005 - 2006: Foraging ecology of pelagic predators

Senior Science Advisor, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Mila Bock

Senior Thesis Intern 2010: Examining effects of rat removal on intertidal communities on Rat (Hawadax) Island. 

Assistant Preserves Manager, Laramie Foothills, The Nature Conservancy


Elsa Bonnaud

Visiting Scholar 2008: Global review of island invasive cat diet. 

Lecturer, Universite Paris-Sud 11, Orsay


Abe Borker

MS 2012: Acoustic Activity as a Low Cost and Scalable Index of Seabird Colony Size: An Example with Forster's Terns (S. fosterii)
PhD 2018: Applying ecoacoustics to bird conservation and monitoring

Faculty Co-Director, Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program
Assistant Teaching Professor, UC Santa Cruz

Dana Briscoe

PhD 2009, co-advised with Griggs Lab: Predicting locations of foraging hotspots for pelagic predators

Research Associate, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University

Stacey Buckelew

MS 2007: Impacts of biological traits and anthropogenic threats on seabird extinction risk

Data Coordinator, Axiom Data Science


Tosha Comendant

Post-doc 2002 - 2003: Impacts of invasive rats on island endemic reptiles

Senior Conservation Scientist, Conservation Biology Institute


Melissa Cronin

PhD 2022: Untangling Bycatch: An interdisciplinary approach to measure and mitigate shark and ray capture in industrial tuna fisheries.

Mobula Conservation
Smith Fellow, Duke University

Jen Curl

Senior Thesis Intern 2007: Impact of rat eradication on native passerines

Student, Department of Biology & Wildlife, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Joe Cutler

PhD 2019: Biodiversity, Biogeography, and Conservation of Freshwater Fishes in Gabon

Ichthyologist, National Geographic

Asha de Vos

Post-doc: 2014 - 2016: Decreasing Blue Whale ship strike mortality off southern Sri Lanka

Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation


Luz de Wit

PhD 2019: Invasive Cats, Toxoplasmosis and Biodiversity: Using Public Health as a Lever for Conservation

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Vermont

Josh Donlan

MS 2000: Impacts of invasive herbivores on island plant communities. 

Founding Director, Advanced Conservation Strategies


Juan Pablo Galavan

LEADS Intern 2005: Global review of rodent eradications

Land Use Manager, Save Mount Diablo


Myra Finkelstein

PhD 2003: New methods for measuring impacts of toxin exposure on wild birds and ecotoxicology of endangered albatross

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of California Santa Cruz


Aaron Hebshi

Senior Thesis Intern 2001: Foraging ecology of cormorants

Board of Directors, Oikonos


Reina Heinz

Senior Thesis Intern 2010: Preventing seabird extinctions by compiling a database of breeding islands for the world's threatened seabirds



Bill Henry

PhD 2011: Protecting seabirds by understanding how range expansion impacts at-sea behavior, diet, contaminant loads and population growth

Director, Groundswell Coastal Ecology


Susy Honig

PhD 2015: Integrating marine and terrestrial atoll conservation by examining the impact of seabirds on coral reef health

Program Director, Academic Excellence (ACE) Program, UC Santa Cruz

Sarah Horwath

LEADS Intern 2008: GIS-based analysis of biodiversity of the world's islands

Aquatic Biologist, ICF International


Holly Jones

Senior Thesis Intern 2003 - 2004: Impacts of invasive rats on seabirds

Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University


Brad Keitt

MS 1999: Conservation of the endangered Black-vented Shearwater

Oceans and Islands Program Director, American Bird Conservancy

Carolyn Kurle

PhD 2008: Introduced rats indirectly change marine rocky intertidal communities from algae to invertebrate dominated

Professor, University of California San Diego

Kim La Pierre

LEADS Intern 2006: Prioritization of invasive species eradication on Alliance for Zero Extinction islands

Postdoctoral Fellow, Berkeley Initiative for Global Change Biology, University of California Berkeley


Mike Litzow

MS 1999: Foraging ecology of Pigeon Guillemonts

Scientist, Farallon Institute


Marta Lopez-Darias

Visiting Scholar 2004: Introduced ground squirrels on Natividad Island, Mexico: impacts and eradication feasibility

Postdoctoral Researcher, Island Ecology and Evolution Research Group, CSIC-IPNA


Luli Martinez

PhD 2021: Hawksbill Sea Turtle Ecology & Conservation

Erin McCreless

PhD: Quantifying impacts of invasive mammals on globally threatened insular vertebrate species, and development of optimization tools to prioritize invasive mammal eradications on islands

Post-doc, Oregon State University


Matthew McKown

Post-doc 2011 - 2014: Design, deployment, and analysis of acoustic monitoring projects. 

CEO, Conservation Metrics


Harmony Patricio

Visiting Scholar

Hoyt Peckham

PhD 2008, co-advised with Estes Lab: Impacts of small scale fisheries bycatch on loggerhead turtle populations and development of community-based fishing exclusion zones.

Founding Director, SmartFish
Director, Small Scale Fisheries, Wildlife Conservation Society

Marloes Poortvliet

PhD 2015, University of Groningen, the Netherlands: Genetics of manta and devil rays: evolution, population genetics and conservation of a group of vulnerable pelagic filter feeders


Flavio Quintana

Post-doc 1997: Foraging ecology of Patagonian seabirds

Researcher, Wildlife Conservation Society Argentina


Angela Quiros

PhD 2016: Linking terrestrial and marine protected areas at the coastal interface


Diana Ruiz

PhD 2020: Strategic planning for biodiversity and ecosystem services: Assessing targets and actions in seabird and water conservation

Director, Native Land Conservancy

Kuo-wei "Stanley" Shen

MS Student: Protecting Chinese Crested Tern breeding islands via conservation action and monitoring population size to evaluate the effectiveness of the conservation measures. 



Lev Slevin

Packard Environment Fellow 2010: Creating a sustainable social business that will make bio-acoustic monitoring and outcome-based performance metrics available to a wide range of bird conservation and restoration projects. 

Principal at Venturesome Consulting


Dena Spatz

PhD 2016: Threatened insular vertebrates: a global assessment of islands, threats and conservation opportunities.

Conservation Biologist, Island Conservation


Arini Wijayanti

MS 2023


Coral Wolf

Conservation Measures Project Coordinator 2010 - 2014

Conservation Biologist, Island Conservation


Shaye Wolf

MS 2002, PhD 2007: Conservation investments in California Current seabirds (MS). Climate change impacts on persistence of Cassin's Auklets (phD)

Climate Science Director, Center for Biological Diversity


Hillary Young

Post-doc 2013: Impacts of rats on remote islands

Professor, University of California Santa Barbara