Alejandro Acevedo

Post-doc 1998 - 2001: Foraging ecology of Balaenoptera whales.

Associate Professor, Western Washington University


Clare Aslan

Post-doc - shared with Zavaleta Lab: Preventing extinctions on islands by quantifying the prevalence of widowed symbionts and testing the potential for taxon substitutions to replace lost mutualists. 

Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University

Deborah Austin

Post-doc 2005 - 2006: Foraging ecology of pelagic predators

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Mila Bock

Senior Thesis Intern 2010: Examining effects of rat removal on intertidal communities on Rat (Hawadax) Island. 

Assistant Preserves Manager, Laramie Foothills, The Nature Conservancy


Elsa Bonnaud

Visiting Scholar 2008: Global review of island invasive cat diet. 

Lecturer, Universite Paris-Sud 11, Orsay


Dana Briscoe

PhD 2009, co-advised with Griggs Lab: Predicting locations of foraging hotspots for pelagic predators

Research Associate, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University

Stacey Buckelew

MS 2007: Impacts of biological traits and anthropogenic threats on seabird extinction risk

Data Coordinator, Axiom Data Science


Tosha Comendant

Post-doc 2002 - 2003: Impacts of invasive rats on island endemic reptiles

Senior Conservation Scientist, Conservation Biology Institute


Jen Curl

Senior Thesis Intern 2007: Impact of rat eradication on native passerines

Student, Department of Biology & Wildlife, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Asha de Vos

Post-doc: 2014 - 2016: Decreasing Blue Whale ship strike mortality off southern Sri Lanka

Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation


Josh Donlan

MS 2000: Impacts of invasive herbivores on island plant communities. 

Founding Director, Advanced Conservation Strategies


Juan Pablo Galavan

LEADS Intern 2005: Global review of rodent eradications

Land Use Manager, Save Mount Diablo


Myra Finkelstein

PhD 2003: New methods for measuring impacts of toxin exposure on wild birds and ecotoxicology of endangered albatross

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of California Santa Cruz


Aaron Hebshi

Senior Thesis Intern 2001: Foraging ecology of cormorants

Board of Directors, Oikonos


Reina Heinz

Senior Thesis Intern 2010: Preventing seabird extinctions by compiling a database of breeding islands for the world's threatened seabirds



Bill Henry

PhD 2011: Protecting seabirds by understanding how range expansion impacts at-sea behavior, diet, contaminant loads and population growth

Director, Groundswell Coastal Ecology


Susy Honig

PhD 2015: Integrating marine and terrestrial atoll conservation by examining the impact of seabirds on coral reef health

Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Postdoctoral Science Education Fellow, University of California Santa Cruz


Sarah Horwath

LEADS Intern 2008: GIS-based analysis of biodiversity of the world's islands

Aquatic Biologist, ICF International


Holly Jones

Senior Thesis Intern 2003 - 2004: Impacts of invasive rats on seabirds

Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University


Brad Keitt

MS 1999: Conservation of the endangered Black-vented Shearwater

Director of Business Development, Island Conservation


Carolyn Kurle

PhD 2008: Introduced rats indirectly change marine rocky intertidal communities from algae to invertebrate dominated

Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego


Kim La Pierre

LEADS Intern 2006: Prioritization of invasive species eradication on Alliance for Zero Extinction islands

Postdoctoral Fellow, Berkeley Initiative for Global Change Biology, University of California Berkeley


Mike Litzow

MS 1999: Foraging ecology of Pigeon Guillemonts

Scientist, Farallon Institute


Marta Lopez-Darias

Visiting Scholar 2004: Introduced ground squirrels on Natividad Island, Mexico: impacts and eradication feasibility

Postdoctoral Researcher, Island Ecology and Evolution Research Group, CSIC-IPNA


Erin McCreless

PhD: Quantifying impacts of invasive mammals on globally threatened insular vertebrate species, and development of optimization tools to prioritize invasive mammal eradications on islands

Post-doc, Oregon State University


Matthew McKown

Post-doc 2011 - 2014: Design, deployment, and analysis of acoustic monitoring projects. 

CEO, Conservation Metrics


Hoyt Peckham

PhD 2008, co-advised with Estes Lab: Impacts of small scale fisheries bycatch on loggerhead turtle populations and development of community-based fishing exclusion zones. 

Founding Director, SmartFish


Marloes Poortvliet

PhD 2015, University of Groningen, the Netherlands: Genetics of manta and devil rays: evolution, population genetics and conservation of a group of vulnerable pelagic filter feeders


Flavio Quintana

Post-doc 1997: Foraging ecology of Patagonian seabirds

Researcher, Wildlife Conservation Society Argentina


Angela Quiros

PhD 2016: Linking terrestrial and marine protected areas at the coastal interface


Kuo-wei "Stanley" Shen

MS Student: Protecting Chinese Crested Tern breeding islands via conservation action and monitoring population size to evaluate the effectiveness of the conservation measures. 



Lev Slevin

Packard Environment Fellow 2010: Creating a sustainable social business that will make bio-acoustic monitoring and outcome-based performance metrics available to a wide range of bird conservation and restoration projects. 

Principal at Venturesome Consulting


Dena Spatz

PhD 2016: Threatened insular vertebrates: a global assessment of islands, threats and conservation opportunities.

Conservation Biologist, Island Conservation


Coral Wolf

Conservation Measures Project Coordinator 2010 - 2014

Conservation Biologist, Island Conservation


Shaye Wolf

MS 2002, PhD 2007: Conservation investments in California Current seabirds (MS). Climate change impacts on persistence of Cassin's Auklets (phD)

Climate Science Director, Center for Biological Diversity


Hillary Young

Post-doc 2013: Impacts of rats on remote islands

Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Barbara